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Heel spurs what are they and how can they be treated?

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It is now a matter of common knowledge that physical excersise is good for your health and increases your life expectancy. Doctors and teachers, all of them recommend light to moderate physical activity for people of all ages. It helps you reach a healthy weight, strenghtens your muscles and protects your bones, improves your breathe and blood flow, and it even helps you fight stress, memory loss and other disorders of your brain. A recent study in Denmark has showed how jogging can add up more than five years to your life span. You don’t have to be a high impact athlete to benefit from excersising, during walking or light gymnastics you are already activating your metabolism and becoming healthier.

There are few physical activities that do not involve our feet at some level. We need them to stand, walk, run, jump, and perform dozens of different movements. We need them in good shape so we can do our excersises without having to worry about injuring them. Think about it this way: they do a very important job at supporting our body weight plus whatever we lift or carry. Every time we run or jump, with each step, we put our feet under a very strong mechanical pressure. They are structurally prepared to resist quite a lot of stress, but sometimes our personal conditions or the intensity of our excersise can overload them, and this is when they get injured. Read More...

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  • Heel spurs what are they and how can they be treated?
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