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Mary D. Zimmerman

I am a regular patient of Salomons Centre.I choose to come here for all of my foot related matters because of the quality of service offered by the podiatrists which is of a very high standard.

Helen W. Lozoya

There are many reasons why I keep returning to this health centre or why I keep recommending it but the one main reason I want to mention is the fact that the podiatrists consistently maitain and deliver excellent quality of care.

Elizabeth R. Hunt

I would definitely recommend this health centre to anyone with foot disorders because it is a very efficiently run clinic and delivers excellent service. It offers one of the highest level of service and constantly strives on improving its quality.

Are you suffering from foot pain or heel pain?

Are you experiencing discomfort due to a foot disorder or foot condition? Here at Salomons Centre, we know how important your feet are to you and why it is important that your foot disorder is treated by podiatrists that are not only qualified but experienced. Salomons Centre is a private podiatry practice that specializes in treating common foot conditions such as achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis and calcaneus. From minor foot complaints to complex foot conditions, our team of expert podiatrists will help you to get back on your feet in as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on our excellent patient care and on our team of exceptionally friendly professionals who deliver this service.

Years of experience – Salomons Centre has been in foot industry for quite a while now and have have successfully treated hundreds of patients. 

We won’t burn your pocket – Our services are affordable and pocket friendly. The fee that we charge is genuine and our products are also offered at competitive prices.

Do not put fashion ahead of your health!

Many people are more concerned about the looks of a shoe and less concerned about the effects that it will have on their feet. Functional shoes can still be fashionable, you just need to put a bit more effort into buying shoes that are not only fashionable but functional and healthy. Apart from offering functional shoes, we also offer four different types of orthotics. These are shoe inserts that can be used to correct a number of foot disorders.

Soft Orthotics - These are made from compressible material such as  foam. Rigid Orthotics - These are made from hard materials such as carbon fiber or plastic.
Semi-rigid Orthotics  - These are a combination of soft and rigid orthotics. Over-the-counter orthotics - These are the less expensive form and are available at almost every grocery store.

The different types of orthotics which are listed above have been specially designed to: 

Reduce the pain that you feel in your foot or heel.


Prevent foot conditions and foot disorders.


Fit your feet and to meet the demands and requirements of your feet.


 Protect the feet from any future pain.


Do not take your feet for granted!

Treat your feet with respect and take care of them by following these simple tips:

Wash your feet carefully and regularly. Moisturize your feet after washing them.
Do not wear tight shoes. Do not wear too high shoes or too flat shoes.
Do not wear the same shoe every day.  

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If you would like to have more information on the treatments that are available at our health center, please contact us today to book your appointment. You can contact us by phone or by using our contact form on our website. A standard appointment is for an hour during which your foot condition will be assessed so that we can determine the course of treatment. Please note that the first appointment is completely free of charge.